About All-Star Insurance

About All-Star Insurance

When Bill Farmer and Joe Harper opened Harper and Farmer Insurance Company in October of 1946, it was the culmination of a friendship that started as students at Gilmer High School.  After graduation, both young men entered the Navy on the same day, January 18, 1943.
All-Star Insurance
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After going through boot camp together, the two friends were separated when they received their ship assignments. During the war their paths crossed frequently, as both saw action in numerous engagements throughout the South Pacific.

Upon returning home to Gilmer, Texas the two friends formed a partnership to sell life and hospitalization insurance from an office in the Arnold Motor Company building.

After Harper left the agency, Farmer moved the office to the east side of the square in downtown Gilmer and operated as Farmer Insurance Agency until 1954 when J.H. Stropp joined the agency as a partner. The Farmer-Stropp Insurance Agency moved that same year to a building located on the southeast corner of the square.
All-Star Insurance

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In April of 1957 the name changed to the J.H. Stropp Insurance Agency when Bill Farmer sold his interest in the firm to Stropp in April of 1957.

In June of 1959 Mr. Stropp’s nephew, Tom Davis joined the newly named Stropp and Davis Insurance Agency as a partner.   Mr. Davis eventually purchased his uncle’s interest in the agency from the Stropp family after Mr. Stropp died in 1971 and renamed it the East Texas Insurance Agency.

In December of 2009 First National Bank of Gilmer formed a wholly owned corporation named East Texas Insurance Group for the purpose of purchasing the agency. The purchase closed in June of 2010 and Mr. Davis retired in June of 2011 after 52 years with the agency.
All-Star Insurance
All Star Insurance Agency, owned and operated by John Butler was purchased in May 2011. In August 2011 the corporation's name was changed to All-Star Insurance Group to better reflect the agency's customer base and to position the agency to compete outside of the East Texas region. A new company logo was introduced to reflect the new name.
All-Star Insurance
Additional offices were opened inside First National Bank in Pittsburg and Security State Bank in Ore City, as well as First National Bank in Gilmer.

The December, 2013 acquisition of Hogue Insurance Agency in Quitman allowed All-Star Insurance to expand to the West. The Hogue Insurance Agency was renamed and moved to an office inside Wood County National Bank in April of 2014.

In March of 2015 All-Star Insurance Group’s main office relocated to a newly renovated building located on U.S. Highway 271 just one block north of First National Bank.
All-Star Insurance

All-Star Insurance Main Office
In April of 2016 All-Star Insurance announced the opening of an office inside Wood County National Bank in Mineola bringing their total to six offices located in Northeast Texas.