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Anyone who owns a business should have business insurance. It will protect their personal assets should something go wrong with the business. Also, it will provide financial assistance when the business faces certain mishaps. There is coverage for practically every risk imaginable. It is a wise decision for a business owner to have this coverage.

Why it’s Important

Business owners must realize that a serious accident or injury could take place on their property. This is why all business policies begin with basic liability coverage. The coverage protects the company and its assets from many common threats, and provides coverage for injuries to the employees, clients, or any third party on the property.

Business Owner's Policy

You can keep it simple and bundle all of the policies together into a business owner's policy. These policies are specifically for small to mid-sized businesses that need general liability and property insurance. In most cases, this policy should include financial assistance in the event that any company assets must be repaired or replaced.

Expanding Your Coverage

Basic coverage is the best place to start. Once your company has basic coverage, then you can start thinking about unique risks you might face. Also, make sure your business is in compliance with your state’s insurance laws. If your business has vehicles, then you’ll want to add commercial auto insurance.

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