Professional Insurance Agents

The Local Agents Serving Main Street AmericaSM Story
Local Agents. That’s what PIA members are. Professional Insurance Agents who are members of their communities.

But PIA members are more. PIA members are friends who help their neighbors protect what they value most: their homes, their automobiles, their businesses, their assets—their very way of life.

PIA members provide their neighbors with personal support and service, plus a choice of insurance products to meet their needs. Not from just one company, but from many quality insurance companies that support America’s independent agency distribution system.

Serving Main Street America. Main Street is more than a location. It’s an attitude. It’s where PIA members do business. Main Street is where our heart is, and it’s where our customers want to do business. Why?

Because people prefer to deal with someone they know and trust when it comes to protecting what they have worked so hard to achieve.

PIA members are already well-known in their communities. After all, they are local agents.

PIA members are sponsors of the local Little League team, volunteer fundraisers for a host of local charities and active members in many local civic organizations. When there’s a crisis, PIA members help their neighbors. When there’s a need, PIA members are there. And people know that when they need help to insure their home, their autos, their businesses — their way of life — it’s best to go to someone they already know and already trust: their neighborhood Professional Insurance Agent.

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